LNP votes against lower electricity bills

Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade

The Honourable Andrew Fraser


LNP votes against lower electricity bills

Campbell Newman and the LNP have voted against the Bligh Government's budget plans to lower electricity prices by $113 next year and boost jobs in the building industry.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser said the LNP's decision meant they had no credibility when discussing cost of living issues.

"LNP MPs had a chance to stand up for lower electricity bills tonight, and they failed," Mr Fraser said.

"The LNP has proven that when it comes to cost of living, they're all talk and no walk.

"This was a direct chance to support the Bligh Government's efforts to ease cost of living pressures, and they squibbed it.

"They also voted against the Queensland Building Boost - our plan to offer a $10,000 grant for new home builds across Queensland, creating building jobs and jobs throughout the housing supply sector.

"The Bligh Government will ensure the passage of this legislation, ensuring 1.4 million Queensland households and small businesses get the benefit of a lower power bill, and promoting and boosting jobs in our construction sector."