Gold Coast council may help fund police helicopter while Brisbane still doesn't have one

The Gold Coast needs a police helicopter to fight crime and the
council might help fund it, Mayor Ron Clarke says.

Mr Clarke will today ask councillors to vote on a plan to partially
fund a six-month trial.

He says a police helicopter is needed, especially in light of the
recent wave of gun crime that's hurt the tourist strip's reputation.

But he says previous campaigns to secure one have failed.

"We've tried before and the state government has got other priorities
and can't afford it," he told ABC Radio.

"We believe it's so urgent. We need to get one up there."

Mr Clarke declined to say how much a police chopper service would
cost, but saw it as a necessary expense.

"It's going to cost money but it really is a priority, I believe."

The Gold Coast has been grappling with what Premier Anna Bligh has
called an uncharacteristic "wave of crime", including three fatal
shootings in less than two months.

The government has insisted police have adequate resources to deal
with the situation, including a new serious and violent crime squad.

But the police union has said more officers are desperately needed,
and has expressed fears innocent lives could be lost as organised
crime spills onto the streets.

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