Has Cr Peter Matic gone mad? - Newman must say no to footy ticket tax: Fraser

Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade

The Honourable Andrew Fraser


Newman must say no to footy ticket tax: Fraser

Campbell Newman has been challenged to oppose his party's call for a tax on football tickets in Parliament today.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser today called on Campbell Newman to pull LNP Councillor Peter Matic into line after he proposed to tax all football tickets purchased to Suncorp Stadium.

"It's rich for the LNP to oppose a price on the nation's biggest polluters but then propose a tax on footy tickets," Mr Fraser said.

"The reality is Campbell Newman is too out of touch to understand what footy means to Queenslanders.

"What he does know is that Brisbane City Council's budget is in the doldrums because of his disastrous tunnelling expedition and financial mismanagement.

"Mr Newman would be acutely aware that the State Government makes no profit from stadiums but the BCC charges the government through the stadium more than $600,000 in council charges.

"That's $312,000 in rates and a further $330,000 plus is paid in 'pedestal charges' levied on each toilet in the stadium.

"Rather than tax the punters with a levy on tickets I propose, if BCC direct $100,000 from the rates they collect to a Trust the State Government will match that."

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