Woolworths rips off customers again

Topless pineapples on offer at Woolworths Redbank Plains store today.

Woolworths have embarked on a new and sneaky campaign to rip off customers.

In Queensland's Sunshine State where pineapples thrive, Woolies has got its knives sharpened to cut the tops of every pineapple they sell.

This prevents home gardeners from using the tops to grow their own fresh pineapples.

Very clever. Very sneaky.

It stops the average member of the public from utilising sound environmental practices in growing their own fruit.

They are forced back to Woolworths to buy more pineapples without tops.

If convenience is the issue, why doesn't Woolworths offer customers a choice - pineapples with or without tops?

Another Woolies ripoff where prices might be down but corporate trickery is up, up, up!