New laws simplify business registration

Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State

The Honourable Paul Lucas


New laws simplify business registration

Queensland businesses will have access to easy processes to register their names following the passing of legislation in Parliament tonight.

Attorney General Paul Lucas said the Business Names Bill, which would come into effect from May 28 next year, would cut red tape for Queensland businesses and allow a national registration system.

"There are approximately 40,500 new business names registered in Queensland each year and the Queensland register currently holds about 261,000 names," Mr Lucas said.

"These days, many businesses often operate across state boundaries and may have to register in different jurisdictions.

"This Bill will allow current Queensland proprietors to keep their business name and that registration will become a national one.

"If proprietors do have multiple registrations throughout Australia for the same name then in the future, there will only be one registration and one payment.

"Together with other Bills in other States and Territories, this change will seek to bring business name requirements back to a consistent national approach under one piece of legislation.

"Not only will the change to a national system be a red-tape reduction, it was also be as seamless as possible to for existing proprietors.

"It's a win for businesses and it's a win for commonsense."