State Government to lower Wivenhoe Dam to 75%


Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully who called for a permanent reduction in the Wivenhoe Dam level last May hailed today's decision as a "victory for people power".

Cr Tully said Wivenhoe Dam should remain at 75% to better manage future floods on the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers.

"This decision is an admission the release of water from Wivenhoe Dam was poorly managed by the dam operators last summer.

"The announcement will be a major boost for residents planning a legal class action against the dam operators and the state government."

Cr Tully said if the same decision had been made 12 months ago, the January flood could have been reduced by up to 2 metres in the upper reaches of the Brisbane River, saving thousands of homes from inundation.

"But the dam operators put their heads in the sand and allowed the dam to get to 190% when they panicked and were forced to make emergency releases, creating the worst flood in Brisbane and Ipswich for 37 years," Cr Tully said.