Harvey Norman fined $750,000 for hoodwinking customers

The real question is - Did Gerry Harvey know what was going on or did he leave it to his marketing buffoons to break the law with one of Australia's greatest advertising scandals?

For almost 3 years, Harvey Norman's advertising catalogues promoted specials available in only ONE store in each state or territory.

The impression was that the specials were available across all stores.

In addition, its key website offers were available at only ONE store in Australia - at Auburn in New South Wales.

Now, the ACCC has obtained injunctions in the Federal Court against Harvey Norman Holdings Limited to prevent the company from re-engaging in this deceptive conduct.

Harvey Norman has admitted it engaged in unlawful conduct and has apologised in newspaper advertisements to the people of Australia.

There is only one a lesson for consumers to learn from this - Never trust Harvey Norman advertising again!

And if Gerry Harvey has any brains, he should sack his marketing clowns who devised this outrageous ploy to deceive the people of Australia in search of the almighty dollar.