EWN SMS Alerts Expired

In the last few weeks we have seen it all, floods, fires, tornadoes, heatwaves and more. You never know what the next emergency might be, which is why it is important to maintain your premium account so you receive SMS alerts when it matters most.

The EWN team work tirelessly monitoring potentially hazardous events 24 hours a day, sending alerts to just those that need it. We provide free support to all our members and work hard to deliver you the best possible service we can – your safety really does matter to us.

Unfortunately we have to pay for SMS just like everyone else and we receive no government assistance – which is why we need to charge a small fee. But let's face it; is what amounts to 20c per week too much to help make you and those you care about safer? By confirming your premium account we can continue to deliver you critical warnings where ever you are.

If you have any questions about the service visit OR call us on 1300 703 017 /02 6674 2711 or email or ring me on my personal mobile 0403 147 197. I'm a natural worrier, I worry about everyone we provide alerts to, which is why you can ring me at any time because I really do care - as do the rest of the team here at EWN.

Kerry Plowright

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If you are a resident of Brisbane City Council, Somerset Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Lake Macquarie City Council, the Northern Territory, or you belong to a business that is a paid subscriber please email so we can put your registration into the right group where no payment from you is required for SMS alerts. If you only want to receive free email alerts no action is required.

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