EWN Significant Weather Threat Map

EWN Significant Weather Threat Map

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have spotted this already - the new EWN Significant Weather Threat Map for Australia.

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This is produced each morning and highlights threats for the next 24 hours (even if those areas have no warnings). Threats highlighted include:
- heavy rain
- thunderstorms
- tropical cyclones and other strong low pressure systems likely to cause heavy rain, severe winds or dangerous surf
- areas of well above average heat
- areas of well below average cold
- severe, extreme and catastrophic fire dangers
- snow, frost and ice
- significant areas of raised dust

You can view this on our homepage or our facebook pages.

It is also delivered by email if you subscribe to our All Alerts product.

For custom forecasts and alerting services please visit our product pages. We can supply detailed outlooks for days 2 to 7 to suit your needs. These can be for a whole state, a region or a specific location such as mining operation.

EWN Support Team.

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