ACCC statement regarding its websites

14 April 2014

ACCC statement regarding its websites

Dear subscriber

The ACCC became aware on 11 April 2014 of a breach of personal data collected from some of its websites. The affected websites are Recalls Australia, Product Safety Australia, SCAMwatch and the ACCC Public Registers website.

The email addresses of some subscribers to the ACCC’s information alert services were inadvertently made accessible online. They were not indexed by search engines or linked from a web page on our sites. They could only be found if specific URLs were tried.

The ACCC resolved this issue as soon as it became of aware of it.

As you have subscribed to an alert on one of the affected websites, we are informing you that your email address may have been publicly available from our website if an intentional attempt was made to access it. 

We sincerely apologise to you and any other affected users. The ACCC takes the issue of privacy, including any breaches, very seriously.

We are currently investigating how this issue occurred and have reported the breach to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner.

Scammers may send emails purporting to be from the ACCC in attempts to gain personal or financial information. If you have any doubts about an email's source, verify the sender by independent means - use their official contact details to check the email is legitimate before clicking on links or opening attachments.

If you need to contact us regarding this email, please call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502.


Yours sincerely


Adrian Walkden

Chief Information Officer

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