Brisbane stores to ban hoodies in crime crackdown

SHOPKEEPERS are declaring their stores a 'hoodie free zone' in a
police-backed trial to clamp down on robberies in Brisbane's west.

Under the police initiative, Wynnum shops will be encouraged to ask
customers wearing "hoods" to remove them when entering a store.

Wynnum district acting superintendent Paul Scanlan said the 'Hoodie
Free Zone' has been developed because of an increase in armed
robberies where offenders have worn hooded jumpers.

He said educating businesses on how to avoid falling victim to armed
robberies may result in a reduction in the crime rate in the area.

"By encouraging customers to remove their hoodies, retailers can
minimise the risk of being a target," Mr Scanlan said.

"This initiative includes a 'Remove Hoodies on Premises' sticker to be
placed in prominent positions inside businesses.

"Along with this sticker, retailers will also receive height stickers
and an armed robbery awareness brochure."

If successful the one-month trial will be extended to other Brisbane suburbs.