GoVia launches another consumer ripoff

This email has just been sent to GoVia customers.
Their justification is that because the NSW Government rips off drivers, it's OK for GoVia to do the same.

Quite bizarre logic from the dills running GoVia's media machine.

Today's GoVia email:


We wish to advise you that from 1 July 2011 a video matching fee will be applied to your go via account if a tag is not detected in your vehicle when it travels through a toll point.

This fee is in addition to the toll and covers the cost of processing an image of your vehicle's licence plate number and matching it against your account.

This brings Queensland Motorways' account customers in line with customers of other Queensland and interstate toll road operators and with our non-account customers.

Our video matching fee was introduced in July 2009 when free-flow tolling commenced on the Gateway and Logan motorways and it is included in the go via terms and conditions.

Until now Queensland Motorways has absorbed this cost for account customers.

As at 1 July 2011, the video matching fee will be 42 cents per toll point and, if applied to your account, will be clearly displayed on your transaction listing and statement.

To avoid the video matching fee make sure:your tag is correctly installed in your vehicle
you listen for the beeps when you travel through a toll point
your account always remains in credit
you keep your account details up-to-date.

To help you confirm that your tag is correctly installed and that you understand what the beeps mean, click here to access the go via tag user guide. To check your account details, please visit

Yours sincerely

John Gardiner