New bookstore opens at Orion Springfield Central but will the accidents continue?

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Orion Springfield Central is due to open in four days at Orion Springfield Central.

But the new owner could be in for a shock when the summer storms set in, making the footpath outside the store as slippery as glass.

The former store was Mary Ryans Books whose owner often had people, including elderly folk, slipping and sliding and injuring themselves when the pavement got wet.

They sought comfort and first aid inside the store, thinking they were responsible for the footpath.

Pleas to Centre Management to fix this dangerous footpath have gone unheeded.

Centre management seems keener on issuing eviction notices than solving serious public safety issues.

The owner of Mary Ryans was unceremoniously locked out of her store and her leased terminated by Mirvac in what some describe as a complete act of commercial bastardry.

Whether or not that is true will be fought out in the courts.

Up to five separate legal actions are planned in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal by lawyers acting for disgruntled tenants at Orion.

These will be a major focus of attention in the media and are likely to be a total embarrassment for Mirvac whatever the outcome.

Issues regarding broken air conditioning, unfulfilled promises and lease breaches will no doubt be aired with more dirty linen than a Chinese laundry.

Mirvac plays legal issues very hard and sometimes loses sight of winning the PR race instead concentrating on winning the bragging rights over legal actions.

Orion at Springfield Central is fast gaining a reputation as the unhappiest shipping centre in Queensland with tenants in fear and frightened to speak out.

Maybe Mirvac's next great idea will be to introduce paid parking into the centre if they think rail commuters at the nearby planned railway station are taking up too many precious car parks.

Meanwhile, if you are walking down Main St Springfield Central in the rain, you would be well-advised to avoid the storefront if you are not planning an emergency trip to the Ipswich Hospital or the PA.