Woolworths in consumer debit card ripoff

Woolworths - the
Fresh Ripoff People!

On 29 April 2012, the Woolworths Group made a decision to not allow Debit cardholders to press "credit" on EFTPOS terminals when purchasing in their stores.

Debit cardholders must select "Cheque" or "Savings" and use a PIN when shopping at stores that form part of the Woolworths Group.

Consumers should be free to choose how they use their debit cards at point of sale, however this decision was entirely made by Woolworths and has nothing to do with individual card issuers..

By pressing "Cheque" or "Savings", this may incur a transaction fee which otherwise would not have been incurred by pressing "Credit".

Some banks provide monthly rebates to absorb fees up to the rebate amount.

A Credit Card account does not have the same restriction at Woolworths Group stores which Debit cards do, meaning consumers can still select "Credit" when using a Credit Card.

There is further information on the Woolworths website regarding Debit Cards.

This whole change is a gigantic ripoff by Woolworths - The Fresh Ripoff People!