Court of Appeal dismisses Jayant Patel Appeal

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State

The Honourable Paul Lucas


Patel appeal dismissed

Acting Premier and Attorney-General Paul Lucas has welcomed a Court of Appeal decision to dismiss Jayant Patel's appeal against conviction and sentence of 7 years imprisonment.

"Many people's lives were ruined by Jayant Patel's criminal negligence and the decision of the Court of Appeal in upholding his conviction is a vote of confidence in the hard work of all those who played a role in bringing him to justice," he said.

"Whether it be whistle blowers like nurse Toni Hoffman, who brought these issues to light, witnesses who came forward and the prosecution team - they all had an important role to play."

Mr Lucas said he was disappointed the Crown appeal to seek a heavier sentence was dismissed.

"I would have liked to have seen a heavier sentence against Patel, so too did the Government and that is why the previous Attorney-General appealed the sentence," he said.

"But the courts are independent and upholding the original conviction and prison sentence is the most important result.

"Section 288 is a rarely used section of the Criminal Code which deals with negligence by medical professionals and this was a unique case from the beginning.

"It's been a long road to get to this point and I would congratulate everyone involved in bringing Patel to justice.

"The Government's Special Compensation Process has paid out millions of dollars in compensation to almost 300 victims or their families.

"This scheme was put in place by the Government to provide a streamlined process for victims to receive compensation in a cheaper and more timely way than if they'd had to go through the Courts to seek compensation."