Rosewood's flood farce not helped by insurance companies

ROSEWOOD residents say insurance companies are using flawed maps to deny their flood damage claims.

The online map showing floodlines in Rosewood.

ROSEWOOD residents say insurance companies are using flawed maps to deny their flood damage claims.

The residents are now worried the maps will also mean they will have trouble getting flood insurance in future.

The maps on the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) website are meant to show the flood line for towns and cities affected by January’s floods.

Rosewood-based Ipswich City Councillor David Pahlke says the maps have created a farcical situation for the residents.

He is seething that the flood maps indicate large areas on Rosewood were flooded but only small areas were subjected to flash-flooding.

“I have no doubt insurance companies are using the map from the reconstruction website to deny claims. It’s immoral,” Cr Pahlke said.

“They are just being mongrels.

“I’m really worried these maps are going to cause people a lot of pain.

“It was an overland flow path; there was no flooding in Rosewood.

“The insurance companies are trying to say the Bremer River caused the flooding; that’s kilometres away. The water flowed downhill into the town.”

Lindsay Ruggieri lives on Ipswich-Rosewood Road and said she videoed water flowing from the top of the town towards her house on January 11.

“The insurance company paid out in November 2008. Overland flow was covered, no questions asked,” Ms Ruggieri said.

“This time was the same although obviously there was more water. It’s purely and simply stormwater.

“I’m covered for stormwater overflow.

“I had some structural damage to the shed and the garage and downstairs in the laundry and rumpus room.

“They sent out a hydrologist and they were asking things like what colour was the water and whether silt was left behind.

“I got on the Reconstruction Authority website and it shocked me because it showed I was under water when that wasn’t the case.

“I’m really worried. It’s terrible.

“It’s the most horrible map. I don’t understand why it’s on the website.”

A spokesman for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority said the flood maps on its website were a work in progress.

“The Rosewood data – as stated on the QRA website - is interim,” the spokesman said.

“From day one the Authority has been very upfront about the fact that the mapping has been done by real people, so human error is always possible.

“There are however community feedback buttons on QRA maps and if anyone thinks the interim flood line is wrong please let us know via the feedback option.”

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