Wrong inscription on historical plaque at Queen Elizabeth Park Coolangatta: Gold Coast City Council asked to fix blunder

The memorial has sat in Queen Elizabeth Park at Coolangatta on Queensland's Gold Coast for decades commemorating an important local event almost 48 years ago.

It celebrates the surf carnival witnessed by Queen Elizabeth II on 7 March 1963 accompanied by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

For years, the memorial plaque has wrongly stated that Frank Nicklin was the Governor of Queensland who hosted the Queen and Prince's visit to the carnival.

History is a wonderful thing but our state's political records show that in 1963 Frank Nicklin was the Premier of Queensland not the Governor of Queensland.

The Governor at the time was Sir Henry Abel Smith.

The Gold Coast City Council should immediately correct this historical error which has sat forlornly for decades adjacent to the Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club.

How many thousands of visitors have passed by this plaque over the years without noticing this historical blunder - until Queensland's sharp-eyed, longest-serving city councillor spotted the error this week.

Hopefully, the Gold Coast City Council will soon restore Frank Nicklin to his proper role in Queensland's history.