Flood Sequel: RACQ Insurance sacks officer over inappropriate email

bill jolly emails

The email trail of Bill Jolly's disputes with insurer RACQ.

RACQ Insurance has dismissed the policy officer who ridiculed the plight of a Helidon flood victim in an email.

The embattled insurer has also paid out the claim of birdwatching business owner Bill Jolly afterThe Courier-Mail revealed the blunder.

An RACQ Insurance spokesman said the payout and the public revelation of the incident were "completely unconnected in timing and relevance".

Mr Jolly sent photos of his devastated property and a thank you note to RACQ claims officer Lynette Cain last Wednesday.

She replied, in error, to Mr Jolly: "Ha ha, look at that Mr Jolly and jolly still. Whew got him off our back for a while." It was not known to whom the email was intended. 

"The email comment . . . was unacceptable," an RACQ spokesman said. "We are obviously deeply concerned about the contents and tone of this email and it does not reflect the views, attitudes or fundamental customer service ethos of RACQ Insurance."

In an emailed statement, Mr Jolly said he was "pleased with the direct and professional response" from his insurer after he complained about the email last Wednesday afternoon.

"At midday on Thursday, a senior manager from RACQ Insurance telephoned me to apologise, to advise me of the steps he was taking to deal with the problems I had outlined," he said.
CONSUMER WATCH COMMENT: It's amazing that RACQ Insurance took so long to act on this issue of Ms Lynette Cain's inappropriate email.