Bob Irwin - father of Steve - has reportedly been arrested at a coal
seam gas protest in southern Queensland.

Veteran wildlife campaigner Bob Irwin has been arrested at a protest against the coal seam gas industry in southern Queensland, a state MP says.

Landholders and environmentalists have been protesting at the Tara Estate, south of Chinchilla, since mid-March.

They are trying to stop QGC from building a 16km pipeline to take coal seam gas from five wells on the estate to the nearby Kenya gas processing plant.

Drew Hutton with fellow Greens co-founder and wife Libby Connors last year.

Drew Hutton, pictured with fellow Greens co-founder and wife
Libby Connors last year, was arrested in late March.

Opponents fear the expanding industry will contaminate ground water, present risks to human health and devalue land.

Mr Irwin, Queensland Party leader Aidan McLindon and Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors joined the protesters' blockade today.

Mr McLindon said the father of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was arrested after midday today and has been taken to the Chinchilla police station.

A spokesman for QGC would not comment directly on Mr Irwin's arrest but said the company respected people's right to protest.

''As they should respect our right to do our work,'' he said.

In late March, Friends of the Earth campaigner Drew Hutton was arrested and charged after participating in the long-running protest.

He was granted bail in the Chinchilla Magistrates Court after being charged with breaching the Petroleum and Gas Act, which guarantees mining and gas companies access to private land.

Comment was being sought from police.

CONSUMER WATCH COMMENT: Queensland is fast becoming the same place it was under the dictatorial regime of Joh-Bjelke Petersen when peaceful protesters were thrown into prison cells for daring to challenge environmental and civil libertarian issues.  The Police should not be undertaking these non-essential duties.