Outrage as Ipswich child-sex accused is bailed by Brisbane Magistrate

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FAILURE TO PROTECT: The Queensland Police Union says it is disgusted by the Brisbane Magistrates
Court's decision to grant bail to a suspected pedophile.

POLICE are outraged that a suspected pedophile charged with rape was yesterday granted bail and allowed back into the community.

The man was charged with 24 offences four of rape and 20 of indecently dealing with a minor.

Police allege the offences occurred in and around Ipswich in the past few years.

The Queensland Police Union last night expressed disgust at a court system that it claimed had once again failed to protect the community from an alleged child sex offender.

The Magistrates Court in Brisbane heard he allegedly raped a 4-year-old and filmed the act.

He was given bail on the condition that he have no contact with the complainant, or the complainant's family, that he not access the internet and that he not go within 200m of the complainant's school.

His alleged offences were uncovered during an operation by the Child Protection Investigation Unit.

The case comes just days after the treatment of a child sex offender in Cairns sparked community outrage and renewed debate over sentencing.

A registered child sex offender was given a seven-year sentence for raping and abusing six girls.

He had stopped reporting his whereabouts to police.

The 33-year-old offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced on Wednesday and could be released on parole as early as August 30 next year.

He raped four girls aged under 10 years and indecently dealt with two others after moving in with a girlfriend, who had no knowledge of his past, and her 8-year-old daughter.

Attorney-General Paul Lucas is considering appealing the case, saying it was "very concerning".

The perception of light treatment for a known offender caused significant public backlash in far north Queensland.

It also forced the Bligh Government to defend the state's sex offender laws as child protection advocates slammed the case as "appalling".

Last week stricter reporting requirements and harsher penalties were ordered for offenders who snubbed reporting conditions.

But the Opposition said not enough was being done to police sex offenders.


CONSUMER WATCH COMMENT: It is outrageous that thus suspected pedophile who is facing 24 sex-related charges, including 4 of rape, has been let loose on the community by a Brisbane Magistrate.  It's time we looked to the American system in Queensland where local judges are elected by the community and if they fail to represent community values, they are given the Royal Order of the Boot by the public.